Curtain up for jazz, Bach, Goethe and glass art

Beautiful to look at, wonderful to hear, great to feel, exciting to read or just the best to dance to – in THÜRINGENS SÜDEN® all your senses will be stimulated. This region has inspired many an artist’s soul, and you can still feel it in every corner. Whether it’s Goethe’s poetry or Bach’s harmonies, stage or castle, glass sphere or toy, street theatre or “cow’s tail festival” – here, you will find cultural and meeting places, from the surprising to the impressive. At times, you won’t believe your eyes!

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Facts about culture and leisure

“Provinzschrei” is the name of the art and literature festival in the Thuringian Forest, which invites you to listen, look and read every year from September to October with renowned artists.

The Meiningen Court Theatre is considered the cradle of modern director’s theatre.

The Wartburg Castle near Eisenach has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999. Here, Luther laid the foundation for the German language as we speak it today with his translation of the New Testament.

In 1848, the glass Christmas tree bauble was invented in the glass-blowing town of Lauscha, and became known worldwide via Woolworth’s in America.

Johann Sebastian Bach took up his first organist post in Arnstadt.

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    The Heidewitzka Festival in Hildburghausen is my insider tip for all friends of electronic music. Familiar and regional – and with a beautiful natural location.

    Betty Moers

Culture highlights

#1- Provinzschrei “Provincial Scream”, Thuringian Forest

The art and literature festival invites you to listen, look and read from September to October.

#2- Heidewitzka Festival, Hildburghausen

The festival for electronic music in a beautiful natural location.

#3- Sonneberg Jazz Festival

Well-known jazz greats make the festival an international event. Just the right event for friends of jazz music!

Bach-Wochen, Arnstadt
#4- Bach Weeks, Arnstadt

Walk in Bach’s footsteps: The week-long baroque festival around Bach’s musical works and authentic places of activity.

#5- Kuhschwanzfest “Cow’s Tail Festival”, Eisfeld

The annual festivities have their roots in 1608.

Güldener Herbst, Meiningen
#6- Güldener Herbst, Meiningen

The annual festival brings forgotten music from Thuringia to life.

#7- Nature Theatre Steinbach-Langenbach

Germany’s largest natural theatre invites up to 3000 spectators to various events on its amphitheatre tiers.

Leisure highlights

Wartburg bei Eisenach
#1- Wartburg Castle near Eisenach

UNESCO World Heritage Site, Luther’s exile and where St. Elizabeth of Thuringia did her charitable activities.

Farbglashütte Lauscha
#2- Farbglashütte “Stained Glassworks” Lauscha

Discover glass in the glowing heart of the glassblowing town of Lauscha. Genuine glass art – mouth-blown since 1853.

#3- European Flacon Glass Museum, Sonneberg

The museum is devoted entirely to the development of the glass bottle from its ancient beginnings to the modern age over an area spanning around 600 m2.

Drachenschlucht bei Eisenach
#4- Drachenschlucht “Dragon Gorge” near Eisenach

The natural spectacle in the Mariental Valley: the gorge, formed 250 million years ago, is a popular hiking destination in the region.

Deutsches Spielzeugmuseum Sonneberg
#5- German Toy Museum Sonneberg

One of the most important cultural-historical collections in Germany.

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