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A new job in THÜRINGENS SÜDEN® – is that something for you? Maybe you just want to have a look first, and get inspired. You’re most welcome! Click through our job offers, and see what suits you. And for each description, imagine your new working environment: a green stretch of land in the middle of Germany, surrounded by forests, mountains and lakes, with particularly family-friendly neighbours and companies, as well as plenty of opportunities for you to get involved.

5 good reasons to work in THÜRINGENS SÜDEN®.

  • Reason 1: Tradition meets high-tech

    More than 150 years of company tradition are not uncommon for us. We build on this experience, and bring unique craft traditions to the innovations of modernity.

  • Reason 2: Family-friendliness is a top priority

    Many companies in THÜRINGENS SÜDEN® have grown out of family businesses where young and old work together. That is why childcare and caring for relatives are established values of good corporate culture for us.

  • Reason 3: Close to home

    You want to have your job and home close together? You can! Forget long hours of commuting to work and overpriced big city real estate. In THÜRINGENS SÜDEN® the way to your own home is shorter and easier on your wallet than elsewhere.

  • Reason 4: Nature right on your doorstep

    Birdsong in the morning, forest air in the evening, and a view of the countryside in between. Wherever you are – Thuringian nature is always close by. For relaxation, to take a deep breath, for inspiration and for your work-life balance.

  • Reason 5: Known throughout the world

    Medical technology, toys, perfume bottles, spices – many world-famous products come from THÜRINGENS SÜDEN®: small, elegant, sharp, entertaining, healing, sustainable. What do you want to contribute to?

Job offers

The following offers are provided in cooperation with the Thuringian Agency for Skilled Personnel Marketing (ThAFF).

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