Living, renting, building – it’s cheaper here than elsewhere

Are you looking for a place where you can feel like you’ve finally arrived, or where you could see yourself starting a family? Here it is! In THÜRINGENS SÜDEN® you can finally say goodbye to overpriced rentals and unaffordable building land. Instead, fulfil your desire for your dream property in the midst of nature. Be it an apartment or a small house with a garden, your own practice or workshop – or both in one: Let yourself be inspired by our landscape and real estate offers.

Facts about the economic region of THÜRINGENS SÜDEN®

Particularly low prices for land ready for development can be found in Sonneberg at EUR 23/sqm.

The largest area ready for development, at 225,000 sqm, is currently in the Wartburg district.

With an average rent of approx. EUR 7/sqm (excluding utilities), you can live in THÜRINGENS SÜDEN® almost three times as cheaply as in Munich, and twice as cheaply as in Berlin.

In 2022, the average purchase price for real estate in Thuringia was EUR 1,420/sqm – in contrast to EUR 3,982/sqm in Bavaria.

You can find current development areas for single-family houses in Eisfeld (district of Hildburghausen) and Unterbreizbach (district of Wartburg), for example.

  • We are from THÜRINGENS SÜDEN®

    We lived in Munich and always had the dream of owning our own house and practice – unthinkable in Munich. Here, I quickly found a suitable plot of land through the municipality and was thus able to fulfil my dream.

    Tina Hollandt-Albrecht
  • We are from THÜRINGENS SÜDEN®

    In Munich, an entire salary went just for rent – here, we can finance a large apartment and two hobbies. For that alone, the move back home was worth it.

    Stefan and Maria Fugner
  • We are from THÜRINGENS SÜDEN®

    We had almost given up on the dream of owning our own home until we found a surprisingly cheap building plot near my parents. Now we can finally plan our family home.

    Jens and Jeanette Kämmerer

Here, you get more from your money

You earn well, but there’s hardly anything left at the end of the month? Don’t let it bother you any longer. In THÜRINGENS SÜDEN® you have a significantly lower cost of living than elsewhere:

Rental prices

Construction land prices

Building or buying property – here, there is support for you

You want to rent, buy or build your own property in THÜRINGENS SÜDEN®? For you to live in, for your start-up or even your business? Then, you will find support here – with federal or state funding programmes.

A job that fits your dreams

Have you already achieved everything you set out to do professionally? Or are you still looking to really get started? Start again? Or try something completely different? Dare to dream big! THÜRINGENS SÜDEN® offers you all the possibilities. Find the job here that allows you to strike the right work-life balance – in the midst of a stunning natural landscape.

That’s what THÜRINGENS SÜDEN® has to offer

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Nature & Landscape

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