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No way? For sure! Becoming self-employed, having her own house with a garden or even opening her own practice – Tina Hollandt-Albrecht had these dreams while studying veterinary medicine in Munich. But they were out of reach in the expensive big city. So what was she to do – give up on her dreams? No, because the solution was very close by: In her old homeland, the 32-year-old from Steinbach-Hallenberg found everything she was looking for in her life with a family, a dream job and self-employment.

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Time for family, friends and hobbies

What Tina and her husband missed in Bavaria was the close contact with family and friends, and the freedom to enjoy certain hobbies. That’s because Steven, her husband, is an enthusiastic enduro rider. In Steinbach-Hallenberg, he has the track right on his doorstep and can take off on his motorbike at any time. Tina, on the other hand, enjoys being out in the forest with her son and her parents. This way, their child can grow up surrounded by nature and close to the grandparents. That’s amazing!

Crocodiles and lizards welcome

Tina Hollandt-Albrecht quickly found the plot for her own practice: through the Steinbach-Hallenberg municipality. The building shell is currently being constructed in a commercial zone on the outskirts of the city, and is scheduled to open in summer 2023. The reptile specialist will then treat exotic patients from all over Germany on 400 square metres, with a security gate for dangerous or particularly large animals such as crocodiles. But, of course, she also takes care of the hamsters, rabbits and cats of local people.

Reptiles and other exotic animals

have been Tina’s passion since she was little. She turned her hobby into a profession and is now Thuringia’s only specialist veterinarian for reptiles. Her patients come to her from many parts of Germany.

Tina Hollandt-Albrecht

will open her own veterinary practice in the Steinbach-Hallenberg industrial estate in summer 2023. She has purchased the land from the municipality, and the building shell with 400 square metres of space for the practice is already standing.

Time for the family

is important to Tina and Steven. Their son, who was born in 2022, should grow up near his grandparents and with a connection to nature. This was also an important reason for them to return to THÜRINGENS SÜDEN®.

Beruf und Hobby vereinen
Combining profession and hobby,

Steven was able to return home through his job at the industrial enterprise MZA in Meiningen. The passionate enduro rider works in quality assurance there.

Tina feels at home

in the middle of nature. With woods and meadows right on her doorstep, she can take a short break to catch her breath at any time between her job, family and hobbies.

Tina Hollandt-Albrecht’s practice will cover 400 square metres,

with all modern standards for the treatment of exotic animals. But she does not want to work here alone. Looking to the future, she would like to employ other veterinarians for her team.

Tina Hollandt-Albrecht currently keeps 27 snakes

as pets in terrariums. Reptiles have fascinated her since childhood, which is why she studied veterinary medicine in Munich. After her further training, she is now the only specialist veterinarian for reptiles in the whole of Thuringia.

We’re open for business:

what better way to describe the industrial estate in Steinbach-Hallenberg from summer 2023 onwards? Then Tina Hollandt-Albrecht is all set to welcome her patients in her own veterinary practice – from shrews to crocodiles.

It’s now easy to plan family time together

with her husband Steven Back home, they have more contact with family and friends and can also pursue their hobbies in the club again.

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