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Finally finding the right job, changing industries, daring to do something new, advancing your career or simply creating a greater work-life balance – all this is possible in THÜRINGENS SÜDEN®. From traditional crafts to a job with high-tech world market leaders, you can realise your professional dreams in many areas here. What are you waiting for?

Find the job that makes you happy here –
in your homeland.

Vacancies, apprenticeships and more in THÜRINGENS SÜDEN®.

Facts about the economic region that is THÜRINGENS SÜDEN®

More than 2,500 medium-sized companies have jobs on offer in the industrial sector.

In terms of the development of gross earnings in the manufacturing and service sectors, Thuringia saw an increase of 14.7% in the years 2016 – 2021 (Germany +10.7%).

Did you know that 89 Thuringian companies are among the global market and technology leaders with their services and products? You can find 22 of them in THÜRINGENS SÜDEN®.

In Sonneberg at Heinz Glas, the flacons for world-famous perfumes are created, e.g. by Estée Lauder, Tiffany & Co, Weleda or Giordani.

A total of 9 educational and research institutions are located in THÜRINGENS SÜDEN®.

At avatera in Ilmenau, you can help develop Germany’s first surgical robot.

  • We are from THÜRINGENS SÜDEN®

    Developing medical high-tech during the day, then riding my mountain bike back home through the forest after work – that’s my Thuringian work-life balance.

    Sebastian Kerner
  • We are from THÜRINGENS SÜDEN®

    I want to build my own business – and have a family life. Both can go hand-in-hand here, thanks to good childcare.

    Franzi Sellmann
  • We are from THÜRINGENS SÜDEN®

    I have been commuting for many years, and now I finally want to settle down. With a job in the heart of nature. I found just what I was looking for here!

    Claas W. Plessner
  • We are from THÜRINGENS SÜDEN®

    I was surprised by how many companies here in the region are world-famous – and now I am a part of them myself.

    Isabell Marowietz

Economic power in THÜRINGENS SÜDEN®

With over 32,000 industrial (and more than 6,500 craft) enterprises, THÜRINGENS SÜDEN® enjoys a strong reputation as an economic powerhouse. Our export ratio is 33 %. Many companies from THÜRINGENS SÜDEN® are also active on the international world market.
Industry is the engine that drives economic performance. 52 % of the region’s taxable turnover (excluding exports) is generated in the mining and industrial sector. The metal industry is the most strongly represented.

These companies, for example, are representative of the region’s economic prowess:

5 good reasons to work in THÜRINGENS SÜDEN®.

  • Reason 1: Tradition meets high-tech

    More than 150 years of company tradition are not uncommon for us. We build on this experience, and bring unique craft traditions to the innovations of modernity.

  • Reason 2: Family-friendliness is a top priority

    Many companies in THÜRINGENS SÜDEN® have grown out of family businesses where young and old work together. That is why childcare and caring for relatives are established values of good corporate culture for us.

  • Reason 3: Close to home

    You want to have your job and home close together? You can! Forget long hours of commuting to work and overpriced big city real estate. In THÜRINGENS SÜDEN® the way to your own home is shorter and easier on your wallet than elsewhere.

  • Reason 4: Nature right on your doorstep

    Birdsong in the morning, forest air in the evening, and a view of the countryside in between. Wherever you are – Thuringian nature is always close by. For relaxation, to take a deep breath, for inspiration and for your work-life balance.

  • Reason 5: Known throughout the world

    Medical technology, toys, perfume bottles, spices – many world-famous products come from THÜRINGENS SÜDEN®: small, elegant, sharp, entertaining, healing, sustainable. What do you want to contribute to?

Family life is very important here

Your new home in THÜRINGENS SÜDEN® has everything you need to enjoy a balanced life between job and family. If you like to give it your all professionally, life outside of work must also be right. Here, you can be sure of a place at a daycare centre, as well as leisure time at the weekend – and there are plenty of opportunities to create a real home for you and your family.

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