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How about simply starting over? Freer, lighter, more satisfied? You can – in THÜRINGENS SÜDEN®! Discover your new home with us: in one of the most nature-rich regions in the middle of Germany, with plenty of space to dream and to realise your ideas, secure jobs, good childcare, affordable housing and cultural and leisure activities that offer plenty of variety.

Job & Career

In THÜRINGENS SÜDEN®, good craftsmanship counts just as much as excellent research and education. The people who work here want to make a difference – to fulfil themselves professionally and to advance their region. In traditional manufactories and businesses, as well as in internationally established companies. And all with a work-life balance that still leaves room for big dreams and family life.

Living & Building

Not looking for overpriced rentals that are far too small, or unaffordable building land? In THÜRINGENS SÜDEN® things look different. You can still find them here – the places where your future home is created according to your rules. As a self-sufficient farm for the whole family, an architect’s barn with loft character, or an affordable rental apartment with its own workshop next door.

Nature & Landscape

We have to admit it: Sometimes it looks like something you’d see on a kitschy postcard. But that’s the way the landscape is here! With all its dense forests, the clear rivers and lakes, the mountains with their view into the distance. The mist in the valleys in the morning and the evening glow that bathes the pastures in a rich light. This is what your home in THÜRINGENS SÜDEN® looks like – and not just on holiday, but every day!

Culture & Leisure

Are you looking for more free time in life? Then you’ll want to be able to fill it in a meaningful way: In THÜRINGENS SÜDEN® you will find many cultural treasures for this, including the Meiningen Court Theatre, the World Heritage Site of Wartburg Castle, historic old towns, exciting museums and castles. Amidst the great variety of music, young festivals and international sporting events, there is something for you too!

Family & Life

A job just to keep up with all the instalments, the weekend just an island amidst all the stress. Put an end to it! Life can be so much more: with nature right on your doorstep, a self-determined career, time for the family and a community that still lives by long-standing traditions. Try it out, and redesign your life the way you want it. THÜRINGENS SÜDEN® welcomes you and your ideas with open arms.

Sport & Adventure

If you have such fabulous nature on your doorstep like we do in THÜRINGENS SÜDEN®, you quickly feel like moving around in it. And that’s what we like to do: be it downhill on mountain bikes, on skis in cross-country skiing and biathlon, hiking and cycling on the “Rennsteig”, or relaxing paddling on your SUP. The next adventure is always just a stone’s throw away here.

Breathe deeply again at last!

Make the home that suits you!

You want to get out of the big city, away from all the noise, and to finally recharge your batteries? Back to that sense of home, to put down roots again? Or to start all over again? No matter what your dreams are – in THÜRINGENS SÜDEN® you can make them come true. Easier and more ready for tomorrow’s world than elsewhere. Build something of your own and design your life the way you want it – we’ll support you in the process. So what do you want to do? Keep dreaming, or bravely dare to make a new start? You decide!

For all those looking to escape the city

For those returning to this great place

For those starting afresh

Find the job that makes you happy here –
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Vacancies, apprenticeships and more in THÜRINGENS SÜDEN®.

We have made THÜRINGENS SÜDEN® our home

  • The Albrecht family has returned home from Munich to Steinbach-Hallenberg. Here, they can live just as they wish and fulfil their dreams.
  • To Tina and Steven’s story
Tina Hollandt-Albrecht will open her own veterinary practice

in the Steinbach-Hallenberg industrial estate in summer 2023. She has purchased the land from the municipality, and the building shell with 400 square metres of space for the practice is already standing.

Beruf und Hobby vereinen
Combining profession and hobby,

Steven was able to return home through his job at the industrial enterprise MZA in Meiningen. The passionate enduro rider works in quality assurance there.

Tina and Steven

are both from Steinbach-Hallenberg. They lived together in Munich for some time, but it quickly became clear to them: a house of their own with a garden or an own practice are unaffordable there. Back home, both are within reach.

Time for the family

is important to Tina and Steven. Their son, who was born in 2022, should grow up near his grandparents and with a connection to nature. This was also an important reason for them to return to THÜRINGENS SÜDEN®.

5 good reasons to live in THÜRINGENS SÜDEN®.

  • Reason 1: Create an affordable home

    You dream of finally finding a place called home? Away from overpriced rentals or building plots, in THÜRINGENS SÜDEN® you have the chance to create your own home: be it rented, bought, built or renovated. For living, with a workshop, as a practice or business. You decide!

  • Reason 2: Find the job that makes you happy

    You want to enjoy going to work every day again? You can! In THÜRINGENS SÜDEN® dream jobs await you in many sectors, as well as in all sizes of company: whether it’s a traditional manufactory, a long-standing family business or a world-class high-tech company. You decide!

  • Reason 3: Allow yourself more family life

    How do you imagine everyday family life? The daycare centre next door, the club just around the corner, the friendly neighbours who are committed to the village? You’ll find it all here! In THÜRINGENS SÜDEN® your children grow up well cared for and in a caring community. Here, you can experience what cohesion means. Does that suit you? You decide!

  • Reason 4: Come to the centre of Germany

    You must have noticed it already: THÜRINGENS SÜDEN® is located in the middle of Germany, connected to the motorway and long-distance railway network. If you live here, you can get to the mountains just as quickly as to the sea – or to all other points of the compass. But will you ever want to leave here again? You decide!

  • Reason 5: Recharge your batteries in nature

    The natural landscape in THÜRINGENS SÜDEN® will overwhelm you – with its mountains, lakes, forests and rivers. Here, you can recharge your batteries and take a deep breath, every day from January to December. Treat yourself to some time out in nature, find your new outdoor hobby and conquer the forests on a mountain bike or skis. You decide!

THÜRINGENS SÜDEN® – the centre of life for go-getters

Start your new life here: in the middle of Germany. At the luscious green centre of our Federal Republic, all doors are open to you. “LIFE” – MADE BY YOU is our philosophy by which we live.

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