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Starting a family confronts young people with many questions: Where do we want to live? How should our children grow up? Who looks after them when we work? And do our jobs fit in with family life at all? These questions are easily answered in THÜRINGENS SÜDEN®. That is because here, family comes first for many people: with that sense of closeness and mutual support, sufficient daycare places, family-friendly jobs and the right place for the first family home together.

Find the job that suits your family here – in your homeland.

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Facts about family life

98.7 per cent of the 3- to 6-year-olds in the district of Wartburg are cared for in a daycare centre.

In THÜRINGENS SÜDEN® the childcare rate for children under 3 was around 51 per cent. Nationwide, the figure is only about 35.5 per cent.

You will find 31 schools and over 3,000 daycare places in the district of Hildburghausen.

THÜRINGENS SÜDEN® has 338 daycare centres with over 22,000 children in their care.

  • We are from THÜRINGENS SÜDEN®

    I was sure of a daycare place for my daughter after just one phone call. We especially like the fact that the kindergarten is within walking distance, and that we have made many friends from the village there.

    Lisa Elflein
  • We are from THÜRINGENS SÜDEN®

    Since our return from the city of Münster, our children can finally spend a lot of time with their grandparents. It’s good for all of us!

    Svenja Ringacker
  • We are from THÜRINGENS SÜDEN®

    I am surprised how family-friendly the employers here are. Working part-time or from home were easy for me to negotiate.

    Stefan Merboldt
  • We are from THÜRINGENS SÜDEN®

    Thanks to the availability of crèche places, I was able to go straight back to work after a year of parental leave. And my son is well looked after in the meantime.

    Liz Jankowski

Learning together in the midst of nature

Regular schools, schools offering special support, grammar schools or perhaps even a community school? Your children have the choice in THÜRINGENS SÜDEN®. With a variety of school types and concepts, every child will find the form of education that best supports them and prepares them for life from primary school age. There are 184 general education schools in our region, including specialised schools for languages, natural sciences and sports. The sports high school in Oberhof alone has produced many world champions and Olympic champions as an elite school – all trained and educated in THÜRINGENS SÜDEN®.

Studying after successfully completing school – no problem in THÜRINGENS SÜDEN®. There is something for everyone at our well-known universities …

Are you a newcomer or a returnee?

Clubs and associations in THÜRINGENS SÜDEN® are particularly suitable for finding a connection in your new (or old) home. Our lively club life has something in store for everyone:

  • 91 carnival clubs
  • 89,580 members in sports clubs
  • 66 winter sports clubs
  • Suhl comes in first place in Thuringia in terms of its level of organisation (and commitment) to club life.

Leisure time = cultural time

Bring a taste for culture with you when you come to THÜRINGENS SÜDEN®, because some highlights await you here that you won’t find elsewhere in Germany. There is, of course, Wartburg Castle – the most visited Lutheran site in the world – the theatre town of Meiningen or Sonneberg, the destination for any toy fan. But only here can you experience the “Heidewitzka!” festival, the “Kuhschwanzfest” or the “Provinzschrei”. But what is it all about? Come here and enjoy yourself!

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